"Goldmine Price Guide To 45 RPM Records " 5th edition (September 2005)  increible libro de 760 paginas totalmente actualizado con 75.000 discos con sus datos,labeles y precios,singles de todos los estilos y epocas,con muchas fotografias y 16 paginas a color.etc..si eres comprador y coleccionista es IMPRESCINDIBLE para ti,muy util para valorar lo que tienes y lo que compras sin tener dudas sobre su valor y autenticidad...!!!!! ...existencias limitadas...!!!The undisputed champion of collectible vinyl is thoroughly covered in this updated and expanded edition of the most comprehensive reference on 45 records on the market. Collectors and music enthusiasts of all ages will find details about more than 75,000 American records, picture sleeves and extended play singles in Goldmine Price Guide to 45 RPM Records. Collecting enthusiasts get easy-to-follow listings, organized alphabetically by artist and priced in three grades of condition, for 45s from 1949 to the present, plus a 16-page color photo section featuring hard-to-find records and picture sleeves. In addition, a checklist format offers collectors a ready-made system for determining value and maintaining inventory, in this entertaining and informative resource.-A spectacular 16-page color photo section uncovers rare 45s -More than 75,000 listings for complete identification -Up-to-date pricing for three condition gradesThe category of records is so broad that to properly evaluate a collection you may need multiple guides. As an example, guides exits for Jazz records, personality records, 78's and, in this case, 45 RPM records. This edition adds another 5,000 listings to the previous edition for a total of 80,000 45's! Goldmine is the only guide that gives the user a more concise breakdown of the values listed by providing 3 columns based on condition. Most other guides provide this range but leave the breakdown to the reader. Goldmine starts at what is generally considered the lowest acceptable condition for true collectors (very good (VG) along with VG+ and NM (near mint). The front of the guide provides guidelines for determining some lesser values that will appeal to the large population of buyers who are more interested in the playability of the record that can occur below the VG grade. For our business this is by far the largest buying population so it's handy information if your just looking to own 45's you can play and enjoy. Bottom line - Though most top level record guides will provide values for some 45's by artist, if you have a large 45 collection (or plan one!) you will definitely want to get this guide. By not doing so you run the risk of making assumptions that may either be costly (undervaluing) or, in the case of selling them, cause a non-sale (overvaluing). Goldmine, by virtue of their involvement in the record business, can certainly be called an authority. Publisher/Book info.:
Publisher: KP Books
700 East State St.
Iola, WI 54990-0001
(800)-258-0929 (consumers), (888)-457-2873 ext. 880 (retailers) Book information: 2005, 760 page paperback, 8 1/2" x 11"
Author: Tim Neely









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