grandiosa y epica obra musical bajo la produccion de Todd Rundgren

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Bad For Good is an 1981 album by American songwriter Jim Steinman. Steinman wrote all of the songs and performed on most, although Rory Dodd contributed lead vocals on some tracks.

The songs were originally intended to be recorded by Meat Loaf as a follow up to Bat out of Hell, titled Renegade Angel. However, Meat Loaf suffered vocal problems and was unable to sing. He would record several tracks from Bad for Good for his later albums.

The critical reaction to the album was mixed. Many reviews commented that Steinman's singing voice was inadequate for the songs. Despite this, the album was a major commercial success, breaking the UK Top 10.

In the midst of the success of Bat out of Hell, management and the record company put pressure on Steinman to stop touring in order to write a follow-up, provisionally titled Renegade Angel. Steinman joined Meat Loaf and his band for a live performance in Toronto, Canada in 1978 with the intention of going through the songs for the new album after the show. However, someone broke into their dressing rooms during the show and stole several possessions, including the new lyric book. Many of the stolen songs would later appear on Bad for Good: "Surf's Up", "Left in the Dark" and "Out of the Frying Pan." Meat Loaf jokes that he doesn't think that Steinman ever got over that theft.

Meat Loaf lost his voice and was unable to record Renegade Angel. Steinman says "I spent seven months trying to make a follow-up [to Bat] with him, and it was an infernal nightmare. He had lost his voice, he had lost his house, and he was pretty much losing his mind." Not being able to "bear for people not to hear those songs," Steinman recorded the album, retitled Bad for Good, as a solo project, although Rory Dodd contributed lead vocals on some songs. Many musicians and backing vocalists from Bat out of Hell performed on Bad for Good, including Roy Bittan and Max Weinberg from Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.

Like Bat out of Hell, Richard Corben illustrated the cover. Describing the cover, Sounds magazine says "the flesh, the puppy-fat on the mid-calf, the breasts, the upturned American nose ... Corben's evocation of teenage femininity is so right! The cover, though, is the product of an alternative universe, like everything else about this album. The nude gymnasium scene is out, along with the other title 'Renegade Angel'."

Around this time, Steinman contributed all eight songs for Meat Loaf's Dead Ringer album, which was also released in 1981.











Jim Steinman - Bad For Good
(Epic Records 1981 EPC84361)
Matrix No's: A2/B1 - UK Pressing

Musicians • Jim Steinman — lead vocals (except on "Lost Boys and Golden Girls," "Surf's Up," "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through"), keyboards, spoken word
• Rory Dodd — lead vocals on "Lost Boys and Golden Girls," "Surf's Up," "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through"; backing vocals
• Karla DeVito — lead vocals on "Dance in My Pants"
• Todd Rundgren — guitars, backing vocals
• Davey Johnstone — guitars on "Bad For Good," "Stark Raving Love," "Surf's Up," "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through"; mandolin on "Surf's Up"
• Kasim Sulton — bass on "Bad For Good," "Out of the Frying Pan," "Surf's Up"; backing vocals
•Steve Buslowe — bass on "Stark Raving Love," "Dance in My Pants," "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through"
•Neal Jason — bass on "Left in the Dark"
• Roy Bittan — piano (except on "Left in the Dark")
•Steven Margoshes — piano on "Left in the Dark", conductor (New York Philharmonic) on "The Storm", string arrangement on "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through"
• Roger Powell — synthesizer on "Bad For Good," "Stark Raving Love," "Dance in My Pants"
• Larry "Synergy" Fast — synthesizer on "Love and Death and an American Guitar"
• Max Weinberg — drums (except on "Stark Raving Love," "Dance in My Pants," and "Left in the Dark")
•Alan Schwartzberg — drums on "Left in the Dark"
•Joe Stefko — drums on "Stark Raving Love" and "Dance in My Pants"
• Jimmy Maelen — percussion
• Alan Rubin — trumpet on "Dance in My Pants" and "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through"
• Tom Malone — horn arrangements and trombone on "Dance in My Pants" and "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through"
•Lew Del Gatto — baritone sax on "Dance in My Pants" and "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through"
• Lou Marini — tenor sax on "Dance in My Pants" and "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through", solo on "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through"
• Ellen Foley — backing vocals on "Bad For Good" and "Out of the Frying Pan"
• Eric Troyer — backing vocals
•Will Malone — string arrangement on "Out of the Frying Pan"
• Charles Calello — conductor (New York Philharmonic) on "Left in the Dark"
Production • Producers: John Jansen, Todd Rundgren, Jim Steinman, Jimmy Iovine
• Engineers: Tom Edmonds, John Jansen, Todd Rundgren, Gray Russell, Shelly Yakus
• Mixing: John Jansen
• Mastering: Greg Calbi, Ted Jensen, George Marino
• Production coordination: Gray Russell
• Arrangers: Roy Bittan, Todd Rundgren, Jim Steinman
• Art direction: John Berg
• Cover art concept: Jim Steinman
• Cover art: Richard Corben
• Photography: Don Hunstein

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