siempre buscado 1º lp en esta estupenda edic org usa editada en el label - Crimson LP-502 Stereo -

fueron uno de los grandes grupos americanos de llamado blue eye soul

increible estado para est 1ª edic original

The first and possibly best album of one of the most powerful ‘blue eyed soul' bands ever. Rocketed to stardom by their fantastic hit ‘EXPRESSWAY TO YOUR HEART', the song became producers' KENNY GAMBLE and LEON HUFF first ‘crossover' hit when it began to be played on both white and black stations.

Its success enabled Gamble and Huff to reach the large audiences they sought in order to bring their trademark ‘PHILADELPHIA SOUND' to the mass market. The SOUL SURVIVORS were more than one hit wonders though, as all the songs on their great album from 1967 demonstrated.

Some of the best blue-eyed soul to come out of America during the late 60s — a soaring batch of tunes from a combo that broke down borders wherever they went! The album's the first by the group — and easily their best — based around their biggest hit ever, "Expressway (To Your Heart)", one of those songs you've heard a million times, but which always grabs you when it hits the break in the chorus!

There's none of the "fake soul" style vocals that rock acts in later years would try to pick up, and these guys instead play like they're just a Philly group, ready to mash it up at some tasty club gigs. The whole thing's great, and titles include "Do You Feel It", "Respect", "Hey Gyp", "The Rydle", and "Taboo-India


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A1 Do You Feel It
A2 Please, Please, Please
A3 Too Many Fish In The Sea...Shake
A4 Dathon's Theme
A5 Taboo - India
B1 Expressway (To Your Heart)
B2 Respect
B3 A Change Is Gonna Come
B4 Hey Gyp
B5 The Rydle

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