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san antonio,texas 17-3-95

allman brothers band

preciosa cartel-reproduccion, gran foto de gregg tatuado



just before the bullets fly

SUREÑO, allman brothers band

SIN NINGUNA DUDA EL MEJOR VOCALISTA DE TODA LA HISTORIA DEL SUREÑO Y UN DISCO MEMORABLE DE SU CARRERA EN SOLITARIO !! GRAN PRODUCCION, GREGG JUNTO A LOS HERMANOS TOLER QUE TOCAN COMO DIABLOS.. This, the second of The Gregg Allman Band's albums is by far the best one. If you're an Allman Brothers fan, of course this will be a good addition to your collection. On the other hand, if you're not a Brothers fan, this is still an excellent album to have. What's the difference, you may ask. Well, first of all; the producer, Rodney Mills. The sound on this album is far clearer than most Brothers albums. Secondly, and no offence to Dickie Betts; Dan Toler (once a Brothers member) is doing such a terrific job of his guitar playing. All through the album, in fact. The music? Typical Gregg Allman blues with hints of funk (Thorn And A Wild Rose, Island), and it works perfectly! Not a dull moment on this album. A feast for the ears! Take my word for it. (I've never been the biggest Allman Brothers fan either) Enjoy hours and hours of listening!