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undertones( 1º LP, PICTURE DISC, LIMT. EDIT. !! )

180 gram audiophile virgin vinyl LP - Sealed    LIMITADA EDICION !!!PREWCIOSA EDICION PICTURE DISC, 2 IMAGENES DIFERENTES DE SU 1º DISCO DE 1979 COMO SABES ES UNA ABSOLUTA OBRA MAESTRA DEL PUNK MELODICODetailed DescriptionThe Undertones' 1979 debut LP has often been called Ireland's most sublime piece of pop-punk ever, thanks to straight-as-an-arrow pop melodies and Feargal Sharkey's quivering vocals. And unlike many of their peers, The Undertones did not need fashion or politics to grab the people's attention, especially not when they had DJ John Peel as their number 1 fan. In fact, he still refers to their 1977 Teenage Kicks EP as his 'favourite record of all time.' Selections: 1. Family Entertainment 2. Girls Don't Like It 3. Male Model 4. I Gotta Getta 5. Wrong Way 6. Jump Boys 7. Here Comes The Summer 8. Billy's Third 9. Jimmy Jimmy 10. True Confessions 11. (She's A Runaround) 12. I Know A Girl 13. Listening In 14. Casbah Rock (hidden track)